Scholarships for Military Spouses

For Military Spouses - Military Spouse Scholarships

As a military spouse, it can be difficult to care for your family and attempt to gain a higher education at the same time. While your spouse is overseas, you are left to care for your family. This can be a difficult proposition as many military spouses are forced to work a job in order to support their family financially, leaving little time or money to seek a higher education. Thankfully, there are scholarships for military spouses that make it easier for military spouses to reach their goal of a higher education that can be used to provide a better life for their family.

One excellent method you can use to find scholarships for military spouses is to research all of the military friendly colleges around the country to see what types of scholarships they offer. These schools generally offer different scholarships than other colleges and universities and have been known to cater to military spouses. Speaking to someone in the financial aid department at a military friendly school is a great place to start your search for military spouse scholarships.

Another place you will want to search when trying to find scholarships for military spouses is with the specific branch of the military that your spouse belongs. Each branch of the military has its own unique scholarship opportunities, especially for military spouses. Speaking to an administrative official that works for your spouse’s branch of the military should yield some good information when it comes to the different types of scholarships that branch of the military offers. This person may also be able to put you in contact with other military officials, educators, or nonprofit groups that offer military spouse scholarships.

If you do not plan on attending a military friendly college or university, you will still want to contact the school you will be enrolling at to see what type of scholarships they offer. Each college and university around the country has its own unique scholarships available to its students. Dropping by the financial aid office at the school you plan on attending will enable you to see if they offer any scholarships for military spouses. Some schools may have wealthy alumni that have made a donation to their alma mater to be used for college scholarships. Checking with your school’s financial aid department is a great way to see if your school offers any kind of scholarship for military spouses.

Nonprofit groups are another excellent source of scholarships for military spouses. There are many nonprofit groups out there that make it their group’s mission to assist military families. One way these groups give back to military families for their sacrifices is to offer college scholarships. A simple online search for nonprofit groups that work with military families in your area will provide you with a list of nonprofits to contact to see what types of scholarships they offer. Reading the newspaper and scanning online news stories about nonprofits that work with military families will also help you stay abreast of any new scholarship programs that may have been created.