Military Spouse Jobs

For Military Spouses - Job Ideas

Being a military spouse sometimes seems like the work of three people all rolled into one, it’s like a real military job. If your spouse is deployed, you’ll be doing the work of two parents while your partner is away. Even if you live in base housing, a military paycheck only stretches so far. You may be able to find a job to supplement your family’s income, but changing military schedules, surprise deployments and moving to another base every couple of years doesn’t make you an ideal employee. Stop looking for work in brick & mortar jobs and start looking online for your new income. You can make your own schedule and, when moving day comes, you take your job with you.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can be called on to do anything from Tweeting on a regular basis to filling in spreadsheets. If there is a repetitive job online that takes very little training, someone somewhere will hire a virtual assistant to perform it. Virtual assistants find clients through job websites and online ads. You can work gigs that last 3 hours a week up to a full-time job. Work for one client or many each week. This can net you anywhere from pocket money to serious income potential.

Online Writing

If you’ve got grammar skills and a way with words, online writing can be a lucrative sideline. Do a search for “freelance writing” to find dozens of sites that hire writers. Look on writing job boards or military blog to find individual private clients. You may have to work for small change at first until you’ve built up a portfolio of clips and published pieces, but if you do your best work for every client you can rise up the ranks and earn a respectable income relatively quickly.

Auctions Online

Selling items on auction through eBay has been a worthwhile income alternative for over a decade. Search the site to find out what sells and what doesn’t so you have a good idea of what to buy. Thousands of people search yard sales, thrift stores and library sales to find inventory for their auction businesses. You can buy a little bit of everything, but most people find it easier to specialize in one area of products. If you’ve got a passion for books or have collected vintage dresses all your life, begin with what you know. You can always branch off into other areas later on as your business grows.

Selling Crafts

It used to be that people with crafting skills made extra money by creating inventory and selling it at craft fairs. Today, you have a worldwide audience in Etsy. If you can make a specialty craft item, from Goth knitted kittens to the most exquisite baby clothing in the world, build a shop on Etsy and sell your items to people around the world. It takes dedication and time to promote your shop and find customers, as well as making and shipping the crafts themselves, but people are making a good living selling what they love to make.